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 May 16

The newest video is actually the oldest video.  See me at 30 years old in a band that had just formed, later known as "The New York Salt and Light Company" on the Media page.

The album Life in the Eye is out on the Store page of this site.  (Of course, if you contribute to GoFundMe, you can get it for free!)

Also new:  "Carol of the Bells" video, sung by real bells!  ...Sort of. :) Media page, near the bottom of the list.


It's not too late for you to get in on the support (and the benefits) for these spirit-lifting songs!  The GoFundMe campaign is still in effect; I'm working on a video explaining my vision, so watch for it.  More details in my newsletter...if you don't get it, sign right up!...or read it on the Links page.

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