Busyness Can Slow You Down!




How time flies—and has a way of filling up!  Besides preparing the new album, reorchestrating a children's show in Maine, and getting ready to pull up stakes for a new (as yet undetermined) physical address, spring and summer zipped by.  But the plan is still in play and progressing, however slowly.

You can still see a video of me several decades ago in a former band on the Media page and check out my "12 Days of Christmas Carols" playlists on YouTube and SoundCloud.  The playlist contains most of the songs on the A Song in the Air album.


It's not too late for you to get in on the support (and the benefits) for these spirit-lifting songs!  The GoFundMe campaign is still in effect.  More details in my newsletter...if you don't get it, sign right up!...or read it on the Links page.

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